Punch! Home Design - Architectural Series

Punch! Home Design - Architectural Series  1.0

Home and Landscape Design AS allows you to begin designing your dream home
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Punch! Software

Professional CAD capabilities bring real power to customization and replication. Edit objects from the included libraries or create your own from scratch.
Intelligent room detection gives you complete automation that changes when you change the size or shape of your design, including the roof!
Expanded library with stunning looks to bring your design to life -- includes home theatre items.
Done with your design and ready to share with the world? Utilize Punch! printing services to easily order floor plan prints.

Included Tools
* Lightworks Rendering
* Security Sytem Tools
* Home Automation Tools
* Enhanced Media Room Tools
* New Irrigation Tools
* Themed User Interface
* Symbol Editor
* Section Detailer
* Fence Designer
* Pool Designer
* Window Designer
* Door Designer
* Trim Designer
* Ceiling Designer
* 3D Elevation Views
* IntelliDeck Wall Trace
* Rules/Fills
* Import/Export DXF/DWG
* Plant Inventory Bar
* Wireframe/ClearView
* Aerial Views
* CutAway Slider
* Symbol Library
* Material Workshop
* 3D Custom Workshop
* Estimator
* PhotoView
* PhotoView Editor
* Cabinet Designer
* LogiCursor
* Real Model
* Topography Tools
* Precision Lighting Planner
* Material Finder
* Decorator Palette
* PlantFinder
* Trim Library
* Landscaping Tools
* Deck Design

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